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BIGGER & BETTER! CorkiMat™ Plus




 * US and International Patents Pending: CorkiMat™ is an Original design and Legally Protected. No Reproductions allowed!

* CorkiMat™ Original has been discontinued. 

We came up with CorkiMat Original first to replace toxic foam mats on the market. However, it has high material and labor cost. We also found out that it is fragile and can be hard to maintain for some people. We developed CorkiMat Lite and Plus for these reasons. CorkiMat Plus is about 1.7 times larger than the Original/Lite version. The padding is 100% hypoallergenic polyester(safe for babies) and wrapped with Organic cotton as we always use. Of course, it is free of harmful chemicals and easier to handle and maintain. On top of that, it’s less expensive than the Original version. We highly recommend CorkiMat Lite/Plus for many reasons. CorkiMat Lite/Plus definitely provides cleaner looking than Original tiles.

We are currently developing the next generation CorkiMat. Similar to Original version, new version will be made of natural materials. Est. available date is Nov. 2017. Stay tuned~

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