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Organic Cotton Play Mat - Origami Safari
Organic Cotton Play Mat - Origami Safari
Organic Cotton Play Mat - Origami Safari
Organic Cotton Play Mat - Origami Safari

Organic Cotton Play Mat - Origami Safari

$ 200.00


Looking for a large size play mat made with Eco-friendly & Nontoxic materials for your little one?
Made with soft natural 100% Certified Organic Cotton fabric for your sensitive little one! This is an essential item from birth to many years!

This premium handmade Play Mat is perfect for doing tummy time, crawling, sit-ups, taking naps, playing and learning. Made with natural cotton fabric with full padding(appx. 1" thickness) so it protects baby from hard surfaces. Easy to fold and you can use for picnic mat, play day, grandma's house, travels, nappy, etc. The uses of this mat is endless while your baby is growing up.

  • Eco-friendly Non-toxic materials, No flame retardant chemicals
  • Measurement: Appx. 60" X 43"
  • Facing & Backing: 100% Certified Organic Cotton Designer print
  • Reversible and removable for washing
  • Cover is designed for baby safety, little hands cannot reach to the snaps (Hidden closure system)
  • Batting: Appx. 1" thickness(10oz/linear yard) Cotton/Polyester blend(70/30) padding in organic cotton cover
  • Soft and clean material for your baby to play anytime and anywhere
  • Top stitched for durability and finish look
  • Wash and Care: Machine wash, Line/hang dry, No bleach, Iron if needed
  • Please wash the outside cover only!!! The insert is not recommended for washing. This is made of natural cotton so the cotton part can be bunched up and it won't have original shape anymore after washing.
  • Bagged in Pillobebe Organic cotton bag
  • Handmade in USA
*** This play-mat is NOT made of PVC or PU foam pad so if you are expecting high density result like foam pad, please consider our CorkiMat™. If you would like to add an extra padding, please add Extra pad on your current purchase. This comes in separate piece so you can adjust the padding based on your occasion. Remove and insert easily!

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