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CorkiMat™ Original has been discontinued. 

We came up with CorkiMat Original first to replace toxic foam mats on the market. However, it has high material and labor cost. We also found out that it is fragile and can be hard to maintain for some people. We developed CorkiMat Lite and Plus for these reasons. CorkiMat Plus is about 1.7 times larger than the Original/Lite version. The padding is 100% hypoallergenic polyester(safe for babies) and wrapped with Organic cotton as we always use. Of course, it is free of harmful chemicals and easier to handle and maintain. On top of that, it’s less expensive than the Original version. We highly recommend CorkiMat Lite/Plus for many reasons. CorkiMat Lite/Plus definitely provides cleaner looking than Original tiles.

We are currently developing the next generation CorkiMat. Similar to Original version, new version will be made of natural materials. Est. available date is Nov. 2017. Stay tuned~

What's the difference between CorkiMat™ Original and CorkiMat™ Lite?

CorkiMat™ Original insert is made of Natural Cork, Bamboo fibers, Organic Cotton padding. CorkiMat™ Lite insert is made of 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester. Functions of the cushion are similar. However CorkiMat™ Original is more expensive than CorkiMat™ Lite due to higher material cost and labor. 

They are very similar and have the same thickness(apps. 1”). CorkiMat Original is heavier than CorkiMat Lite as you can see them in the chart. Since CorkiMat original has natural materials in the mat, inserts cannot be washed but they can be quickly wiped and air dried when accidents happen. However, you can wash everything if you have CorkiMat Lite. Also CorkiMat Original has natural cork smell. CorkiMat Lite is better in terms of easy care and durability.

CorkiMat™ vs CorkiMat™ Plus

If you are looking to fill a larger area or easier care and less maintenance, we have larger tiles available. CorkiMat™ Plus is only available in CorkiMat™ Lite version. 

CorkiMat™ Lite CorkiMat™ Plus
Dimension  appx. 19"x19"(inches) appx. 2'x2'(feet)
Weight appx. 15oz/tile appx. 1lb 8oz/tile
Price/tile $33.99/tile $48.99/tile
Price/sqft $13.56/sqft $12.25/sqft 

How to connect each CorkiMat™ tiles?

CorkiMat™ full set(9 tiles) comes with 12 pcs of Velcro connectors. The anti-slip features prevent from slipping on hardwood floors. You can connect the tiles together at the bottom. Click here to watch "how to connect" video.

Connection Velcro strips(3"x16") Velcro squares(4"x4")
Bottom Plain White Cotton Silicon anti-slip dotted Cotton


How to wash CorkiMat™?

Remove outside covers only, flip them inside out and seal the Velcro openings and put them in washer. Machine wash separately in cold water, Hang/Flat dry only, No bleach, Iron if needed. Please wash outside covers only! CorkiMat™ Original inserts should never be washed! CorkiMat™ Lite insert can be hand washed and then flat/hang dry only! Click here to watch our "wash and care" video.

    Will the Velcro come apart with crawling? My 6mo old is kicking non-stop and about to crawl.

    The Velcro connections are very strong so a baby will not be able to kick them off. We have not had any complaints about it. Please make sure all the connections are connected to the Velcro.

    I have hardwood floors, is CorkiMat™ anti-slip?

    Yes, CorkiMat™ has anti-slip feature at the bottom. Small silicon dots on fabric prevent the mat from slipping on floors.

    What are low impact dyes?

    Conventional dyeing and printing uses a myriad of toxins, including heavy metals, benzene, formaldehydes and organochlorides. The process requires large quantities of water to wash out the residues, which is then dumped into the local waters of the mills. Our fabrics are printed with low impact dyes. Although they are made from a synthetic material, they are considered to be more eco-friendly in comparison to natural dyes for many reasons. One of the interesting benefits of using low impact dyes is they have a higher absorption rate, which means less dyestuff is actually required to adhere to fibers which also results in a lighter, softer fabric. Likewise, low impact dyes don’t require toxic chemical mordants to fix the color to the fabrics as do natural dyes. Low impact dyes are often reclaimed from the liquid waste and the water is recyclable. Another added benefit is that they require less heat which saves energy.

    My fabric appears to have defects. What should I do?  

    Organic fabric will have some natural imperfections due to the process in which it is unbleached. We feel that these imperfections only add character to the fabric.  

      What is cork smell?

      You may smell hints of cork and cotton when you open the box. The smell is mainly from natural cork tree. The smell is very similar to eucalyptus and it is the tree's distinct scent. The smell is 100% safe, organic and natural. It will fade in a few weeks while using. 

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      Can you ship internationally?

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