Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket
Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket
Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket
Organic Cotton Mart

Baby Girl Swaddle Blanket

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  • Made from 100% Cotton.
  • 2 Layer Breathable Gauze Fabric
  • Versatile uses
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes
  • 47"x47"

ORGANIC COTTON BABY GIRL SWADDLE BLANKET: The high-quality, 100% certified organic cotton used in our muslin blanket is locally grown in India. The breathable gauze fabric allows airflow while keeping your baby calm and content.

LARGE SIZE MUSLIN SWADDLING BLANKET: This swaddle blanket measures 47”x47” ensuring you can wrap your baby securely. Your little one will feel snug and secure while they sleep and relax in the soft cotton. 

FREE FROM TOXINS: The outstanding quality of cotton is completely safe for newborn babies. No harmful chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacture of this product, ensuring that your baby’s skin will be free from irritation.

VERSATILE BLANKET: As well as swaddling, our versatile blanket can have multiple uses! Cover up while nursing, or use it as a sunshade for your stroller, a comfort or picnic blanket, or even a clean play surface when you are out and about!

MUSLIN COTTON BLANKET: This muslin cotton blanket is a large size and light pink in color – 47x47 inches – breathable gauze fabric material – soft to touch – 100% certified organic cotton – multiple-use product.

Organic Cotton Swaddle Blankets for Baby Girls

Make swaddling simple with our stunning organic swaddle blanket!

Wrap your baby in this beautiful, light pink muslin and allow them to drift into a relaxing sleep. Measuring 47x47 inches, the Organic Cotton Mart muslin is ideal for swaddling, ensuring you can wrap your baby safely and securely, reducing their anxiety to help encourage a more comfortable sleep. 

Keep your baby snuggled and content with our 100% certified organic cotton muslin blanket, free from toxins, and with no harmful chemicals or dyes. Your baby’s skin will be safe and free from irritation against the smooth and soft cotton blanket.

The breathable gauze material offers your little one a cool but comfortable feel, ensuring a long and sound sleep. Swaddling your little one mimics the touch and snuggle of a parent and helps to maintain their sleeping position, preventing them from scratching too.

Purchasing our blanket offers the benefits of swaddling, and the outstanding quality of the material ensures it will last, giving you the option to potentially save it for future siblings! Using the finest fabric, these muslins will maintain their color and shape, even after washing, and they will become softer after you wash them too! The large size also makes it practical for a variety of uses, offering shade for car seats and strollers, or even a picnic or comfort blanket!

Is someone you know expecting a baby? Are you searching for the ideal gift for the newest addition to the family? Purchase this beautiful, light pink muslin swaddle blanket today!

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