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Muslin Fabric

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  • Unbleached Muslin Fabric
  • 60" Wide
  • All-Natural and Toxin-free
  • 100% Cotton

Organic and premium-quality cotton muslin fabric – This superior-quality and premium-grade organic cotton muslin fabric can be used for multiple purposes including making bags, drapes, dresses, quilt covers, pillows, and napkins. Long-lasting and great quality with a smooth-to-touch feel.

Super-soft, gentle, and breathable fabric – The muslin fabric is soft and gentle with a certain flow to it. The breathable fabric makes it perfect to be used for various purposes. Piling-resistant and lasts longer than ordinary cotton fabrics.

All-natural, unbleached, toxins-free – This unbleached muslin fabric is all-natural and free from harmful chemicals. Completely unbleached with a natural cotton color to it. Free from health-damaging dyes and toxins just simply pure cotton fabric.

Multipurpose usage & perfect for craft – This organic cotton muslin cloth has a natural stiffness and a light drape making it perfect for use as a backdrop, curtains, aprons, sheets, quilt covers, apparel, embroidery, craft projects, under dresses to add volume, fittings, and more. Perfect choice for stitching and dying to complete your craft projects.

Available in multiple lengths & easy to care for – The cotton muslin cloth is available in 1-yard, 2-yard, 5-yard, and 10-yard lengths depending upon your needs. This fabric is super easy to care for as it can be machine washed on low setting, air dry to keep it wrinkle-free and do not use bleach. Does not retain stains or tear easily.

More Information The material is 100% pure cotton fabric with no synthetic fibers, impurities, or bleach. The fabric has just the right amount of stiffness and is super gentle with a soft touch. Stays wrinkle-free and can be dyed to any color as per your needs.

We have made sure to make our unique muslin fabric by yard is unbleached, free from toxic chemicals, dye-free, and pure cotton to ensure its premium-quality finishing. You won’t have to be concerned about leaching chlorine or other chemicals. Super-soft so you won’t need to use fabric softeners at all.

With its perfectly suitable texture, you will be able to use this muslin cotton fabric in DIY projects, fittings, stitching projects, designing clothes, as drapes, and curtains, to stitch aprons, and bags, as under-fabric for dresses, bedsheets, quilt covers, embroidery cloth, pillows, cushions, handkerchiefs, lining, sofa covers, napkins, kids reusable nappies, night clothes, and much more.

A must-have for plain muslin for dressmakers, tailors, fashion designers, fashion students, and others to create their art and craft without having to take the risk of costly mistakes by using expensive fabrics. Sustainable option for use around the house for multiple purposes like a cheesecloth, cleaning cloth, reusable tea bag, and more.

Easy to care for as you just need to machine wash with a mild detergent on a gentle setting and air dry. Does not get patchy, is non-piling, and stays wrinkle-free.

Super-lightweight and breathable cotton fabric to be used as you wish, options are endless.

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