Sand Drill Beach Toy
Sand Drill Beach Toy

Sand Drill Beach Toy

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Get ready to dig! This toy drill is a fun, easy way to dig holes at the beach or in the sandbox. The handle is designed to make it simple for little hands to grasp and turn, while the opening at the bottom of the drill removes sand and pushes it up and out. Brighten a beach day with this handy drill.

  • Durable and made to last, this toy is the perfect addition to any trip to the beach. Pull it out and the hole is empty and ready for an umbrella stand or just more sand play. 
  • Measures 10” long.

Playing in the sand is much more than just a way to pass a summer day. Playing with a dextrous toy like the Sand Drill enhances motor skills, encourages problem-solving and exploration and much more. Sensory play makes children more aware of the wider world around them!

Did you know sand play can even help introduce children to math and science concepts? Bring along a measuring cup and fill it with loose sand. This is a great way to show the idea of weights, measures and volume. Or mix the sand with water to reveal what happens when two very different substances come together. Plus, you now have the makings of a sand castle!

Sand play also sparks creativity, something that can inspire a lifelong love of learning and enhance a child’s life in many other ways. The HABA Sand Drill can do much more than dig a hole in the sand – it can open doors to imagination for a child.

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