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Time to pop the cork on an eco-friendly material trend…

Cork. It’s there to notify you of appointments as a board; to give comfort to your feet and make you three inches taller as a wedge; to act as a barrier between your damp drink and that heirloom table as a coaster, and more importantly, the stopper between you and that heavenly wine. Unknowingly, this eco-friendly material pops up as a major part in our everyday lives. But the real question is…what is cork? Where does it come from? Is it grown or manufactured? We did some research on this wondrous biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable material and this is what we found:

Cork is obtained from the trunk of the Cork Oak (Quercus suber) located mainly in Southern Europe and Northern Africa. The harvest of cork comes from the bark of the tree and can only be harvested every nine years. This causes no damage to the tree and the bark can grow back naturally without the need of herbicides or fertilization. The positive impact on the environment from cork harvesting results in maintaining the wildlife in these forests and preserving cork trees that have been living for hundreds of years. Not to mention, the industry that produces cork has lower waste because of the renewable qualities cork possesses.

From the fashion world to home décor, cork is a trendy eco-friendly material that is easy to incorporate into your already existing wardrobe or home.

Cork deserves attention: it’s elastic, soft, waterproof, fireproof, and buoyant. Plus, it’s completely sustainable, environmentally friendly, and easily recyclable. Cork can be processed into fantastic shapes for various uses in modern interiors, fitting into a green lifestyle perfectly, on design. Very proud of using this great material on our product!

Breathe and Play on CorkiMat™!

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