Does your Baby hate his crib?

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Yes, my baby hates his crib! He cries every time I tried to put him down in his crib to sleep. It was extremely frustrating and time consuming to hold him to sleep for hours and sometimes the entire night! It gets worse. Just holding him was not enough, I had to walk around, plus, I had to walk HARD enough so he could feel enough up and down motion for him to keep sleeping. If I didn’t walk HARD enough, he would cry. If I stopped walking, he would cry. Finally, after I had walked HARD enough for long enough (it could be 2 hours sometimes), he was able to continue sleeping in my arms after I had stopped walking. Then it was time to put him down in his crib. But NO! As soon as I tried to put him into his crib, he would suddenly wake up and cry again. Sigh… The process starts all over again. Some nights, I ended up holding him walking around for the entire night! We were living in an apartment in NYC at the time, so of course the person downstairs complained about my stumping in the middle of night trying to keep my baby asleep.


What a nightmare! I have tried everything (all kinds of swings, rolling him around in his stroller, driving around in a car, etc.)… too tired... Finally we got CorkiMat and I tried to put him down slowly on it while maintaining body contact. Voila! IT WORKED! He continued sleeping for good! One day, I saw him fell asleep on the mat by himself! Wow! So I tried to put him on it again at night, I rubbed his tummy until he fell asleep. What a relief, he was so peaceful and lovely when his was sleeping! We kept using CorkiMat this way until he was old enough to sleep in his own bed. Crib never worked for us so we got rid of it as soon as we could! We wasted so many nights on the useless crib.

We use our CorkiMat every day until now and will continue to use it. We use it by his toddler bed reading books for him at bedtime. I often napped (sometimes slept the entire night) on the CorkiMat while he was falling asleep in his own bed. We even use CorkiMat as a temporary bed for our guests – so convenient! I feel like we can use our CorkiMat forever!

Try CorkiMat today!

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