Are you still using Foam Play Mats for your precious little one???

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When your little one starts to explore his environment, it's an exciting time for both you and your child. However, when as he crawls, scoots and/or creeps around, he's also prone to all kinds of bumps and bruises. Parents often place foam mats of the floor to provide a cushy surface, as well as soft landing area if a child slips and falls -- which can happen a lot because babies are still developing their coordination. However, keep in mind that foam play mats can contain chemicals, which can pose hazards to your child. You want to ensure that by using foam mats, you're creating a safer environment for your baby, not a more dangerous one!!!


About EVA Foam Puzzle Mats

Foam Puzzle Mats are a typical flooring in infants and children’s rooms, and even child care facilities and preschools.

EVA can be produced very cheaply, that’s why it’s so widely used in products ranging from foam mats, bath toys to flip flops and more. Formamide doesn’t smell, is easily absorbed through breathing, skin contact or mouth.


What is Formamide?

Foam mats, composed of giant puzzle pieces of all colors are made from a kind of rubbery plastic similar to that used for flooring or outdoor centers gymnastic mats. To make them more flexible, formamide can be added , a substance described as ” harmful if inhaled or ingested, irritating to eyes and skin “, as had already denounced in 2009 for consumer Belgian, Italian Portuguese and Spanish. And children are particularly vulnerable because it is common for a young child to put into their mouth whatever it is they touch. This type of foam is, therefore, especially toxic. It is easy to remove these pieces and put them into their mouths.

The formamide is also one of the substances known as “CMR (carcinogenic and / or mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) for the European Union, as a reproductive toxicant. The use of CMR substances in toys will be prohibited in all countries of the European Union from July 2013 under a directive came into force in summer 2009.

When pure, the formamide is as a colorless liquid and viscous, with a slight ammonia odor, soluble in water.It can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its fumes but also through the skin and by ingestion. Under this pure form, its toxicity is proven. For exposures of short duration, it is irritating to eyes and skin. It can also affect the central nervous system. Official U.S. organizations have established a link between this substance and some cancers, including liver, in animals tested.

See below link for more information:

Why Formamide-Free Labeled EVA Foam Puzzle Mats Are Not Really Formamide-Free

What other harmful chemicals?

Not only Formamide but there are many other harmful chemicals in other play mats on the market, especially foam play mats. Our CorkiMat™ is FREE of these harmful chemicals:

Formamide, Flame retardants, Formaldehyde, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, Lead, and harmful VOCs

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