CorkiMat™ A Safe Nontoxic Baby Play Mat

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If you have a baby, you will know how precious they are and how important it is that their environment and toys are safe. CorkiMat™ is a Nontoxic and Eco-friendly play mat for your little bundle of joy. Ideal for babies who are 3 months+ who are starting to crawl, sit up and/or need a safe surface for playing and learning. However this awesome mat is more than just a play mat for babies, it can also be used as an adult exercise mat, yoga mat, headboard cushion and more! The outside cover is also machine washable which is perfect as we all know what little mucky pups children can be!

How to use CorkiMat™

Modular and Expandable

CorkiMat™ is multifunctional, giving you the ability to use it as a nap mat, yoga mat, adult excercise mat, headboard cushion, picnic mat, and it can also be made into shapes like tunnels, houses and toy bins!

Why CorkiMat™?

When we needed a play mat for our son Jaden in 2013, we were going to buy a foam play mat just like most parents, until a friend of us sent a link about cancer causing formamide found in all foam mats. Belgium and France also banned play mats with formamide in 2013. We looked everywhere but could not find any safe and functional play mat on the market! That's when we invented CorkiMat™!

We hand picked all the materials very carefully. We used naturally grown organic materials for our CorkiMat™. These materials are combined in an innovative way to make it soft on the surface but firm in the core to cushion falls. CorkiMat™ is modular and therefore expandable as needed. It is anti-slip since all modules can be connected by anti-slip strips. The covers are machine washable for easy care. It is also water resistant to guard against occasional spills and accidents. CorkiMat is better than foam mats in almost all aspects!

Cork and bamboo fibers are naturally soft, organic, Eco-friendly, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and naturally flame-retardant. Cork barks are harvested by hand over and over again without harming cork trees. Bamboo plants are fast growing so they can be replaced much faster than trees. Another material is cotton and we use GOTS Certified Organic cotton only. CorkiMat™ is FREE of Formamide, Formaldehyde, Fire-retardants, PVC, BPA, PBS, Phthalates, Lead, and harmful VOCs.

Our products have been tested by independent laboratories and are in compliance with all CPSC regulations.

Your help will protect more of our babies and children - our future, from dangerously toxic foam play mats found everywhere in the world today.

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